Petroleum resin “Shinplast”

Resin “Shinplast” (type Pyroplast) – complete analog building-indene resin (SIS) – effective softener rubber compounds. Available on Ruskhimprom Ltd. since 2006cropped-Shinplast.jpg

Dark petroleum resin with success replaces such widely known softeners as indene-coumarone and indene resin stirolko-Baltic production. This increases the strength of the rubber composition under normal conditions and after thermal aging, as well as dynamic endurance increases.

Physical and chemical resin “Shinplast”

Appearance The solid was dark brown to black
Release form plate thickness up to 3mm
Type of packaging Polypropylene bags of 25 kg.
Ash content,%, not more 0,4
Softening point, oC 85 – 110 *
Mass fraction of sulfur,%, not more 0,4
Mass fraction of water,%, not more 0,3
Iodine number, g iodine / 100 g 15-60
* – performance varies within these ranges on request

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