Petroleum resin “Chimplast”

SIU “Chimplast” is used as a direct replacement for vegetable oils and varnishes PF. Application of the resin in the paint material makes it possible not only to reduce the use of expensive and scarce ingredients, but also improve the quality of the paint and varnish materials, namely to reduce drying time, improve coating hardness, luster and some other properties.cropped-s353508-1.jpg

Physical and chemical parameters OPS “Chimplast” solution

The name of indicators Standards for grades
Color by iodine scale mg iodine / 100 cm3, which is darker than 100
Mass fraction of solids,%, not less 55
Compatibility with oxidized sunflower oil The solution should be clear, allowed a slight opalescence
Drying time at temperature (20 ± 0,5) ° C to degree 3, h, max 10
Film appearance The film must be transparent, without foreign inclusions, rash, traces of turbidity
Film hardness according to pendulum at (20 ± 0,5) ° C, conventional units, at least

– Type M-3

– Type TML



Viscosity according viscometer VZ-4 with a nozzle diameter of 4 mm at a temperature of (20 ± 0,5) ° C, sec below 19-40
*- in fact this figure varies from 70 to 100 mg iodine / 100 m3

*- the degree of influence on the body of the solution OPS “Chimplast” solution refers to a hazard class 3

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